Are You Seeing Green This Weekend?

Upcoming New Haven Events

At Hadley, Inc., we care about whether you are feeling at home not only in our buildings, but in our neighborhoods, and part of that involves having fun! So that’s why we’re providing you with a sneak peak of some great various upcoming events in the area, and we encourage you to go out, explore new territory, and have a blast!

Is the snow starting to melt yet? Regardless, today has been a very welcome semi-sunny and warmer day, and to celebrate, why not head to Yale University (or Reperatory) Theatre located at 222 York St. to see Yale Rep preform it’s new show called These Paper Bullets! which just opened last night. It’s a funny and witty spin-off of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, adapted by Rolin Jones, scored by Billie Joe Armstrong, and directed by Jackson Gay. You can catch it any time but only from now until April 5th, so be sure to buy your tickets soon at:¬†¬†Both Yale employees and students get discounts ( students get over 50% off!!).

Now, it’s also time to suit up- and all in green!
To all of you with Irish blood as well as to those who just love excuses to celebrate, New Haven is celebrating this weekend in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day!

If you have a relatively strong stomach and are looking for fun social gatherings with friendly strangers, one event is perfect to meet people and share the Irish love and camaraderie. The Black Bear Saloon is having a 3-day long bar crawl from noon to 2am Saturday, and Happy Hour at 5pm until 2am on Monday, the real St Patrick’s Day! Their route winds all around downtown New Haven and conveniently ends only a 1-5 min walk from all of our East Rock Whitney Ave buildings! This is why our buildings are so desirable because we are set in such a prime location there- within easy walking distance from Yale, hospitals, everything downtown including amazing restaurants and fun shops, theaters, museums, and literally all of our buildings are only a 5-minute walk maximum from shuttles and bus stops! We encourage you to peruse our availability listings which are updated on a weekly basis in the News column. For tickets and additional info about the St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawls, go to: .

Finally, a perfect outing for family and friends for some collective fun where New Haveners and visitors of all ages are welcome, the Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade is having its annual historic parade beginning at 1:30pm right near St Raphael’s Hospital. The brave and creatively deck-out participants will be walking through Yale’s old campus along Chapel Street. We suggest getting there early if you want a good view and are too large to sit on someone’s shoulders. For all the information you need including maps and parking instructions, you can visit : .

So cover yourself in green and go out and take advantage of all of the great events New Haven has to offer you only steps away from our buildings! Have a great time and lots of (responsible) fun!
And if you have anything to add such as any questions or reviews of certain events, go to our facebook page ‘Hadley, Inc. Apartments’ and post and share with all of us what you think. At Hadley, Inc. we all want everyone to be comfortable and happy in New Haven, so any helpful comments are appreciated!